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We make it as easy and stress-free as possible to notarize documents using the latest technologies like Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp or Google Meeting.


What is an online notarization?

Virtual notarizations are often referred to as online notarizations or e-notarizations and consist of the remote commissioning of documents electronically. It often consists of notarizing affidavits, statutory declarations, oaths and other documents through web conferencing and digital signature platforms. It does not require meeting the notary in person.

What are the online notary fees?

Our fees are as follows: $40 for the first notarization (plus applicable taxes) $10 for each additional notarization (plus applicable taxes) $30 for postage and shipping of documents with Canada Post Xpresspost (1-2days)

How do I prepare for my online notary session?

In order to prepare for your session you should complete the following:

  • Ensure to have a Microsoft WORD or PDF copy of your document
  • You will need access to a web camera on a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • You will need a minimum of one piece of government issued photo identification or two pieces of government issued non-photo identification

What if you’re outside of Ontario?

It is important to know whether the ultimate recipient of the document will accept a digitally notarized copy. If not, an original notarized document will need to be provided.

How do I book my appointment?

Booking your appointment is easy. All you have to do is pick your preferred time on the booking calendar and one of our notaries will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Can more than one person signe the same document during an online notary appointment?

Absolutely. Online web conferencing allows for individuals to be in one or multiple locations for witnessing and signing.

Is notarizing a document online legal?

The Province of Ontario now permits the remote commissioning of affidavits, statutory declarations and oaths online. After much debate, the Province of Ontario moved into the digital world with respect to notarizations and enacted Ontario Regulation 431/20, Administering Oath or Declaration Remotely, a regulation under the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act. The Act allowed for the remote commissioning of documents in Ontario so long as certain requirements are met.

Why aren’t all documents notarized digitally?

It is important to know whether the ultimate recipient of the document will accept a digitally notarized copy. If not, an original notarized document will need to be provided.

Electronic document certification

If the original document is only an electronica document, we can certify the electronica document as original.

What days and times are appointments available?

Online notary appointments are available Monday to Saturday from 9am to 11pm.

What types of payments are accepted?

We except many types of payment:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit card
  3. PayPal
  4. Interac Etransfer

Can a certified true copy be notarized online?

For a document to be certified as a true copy of an original, the original document must be examined by the notary in person. As a result, this cannot be done online.

What are the documents that can be notarized online?

Many different types of documents can be notarized online including the following:

  • Affidavits
  • Statutory declarations
  • Sworn statements
  • Letters of invitation
  • Ontario Court forms
  • Separation agreements
  • Powers of attorney

What if you’re outside of Ontario?

Ontario law provides that affidavits sworn outside Ontario before a commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario have the same effect as if that affidavit had been sworn in Ontario.

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