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For whatever reason, when you are unable to come to us, we can come to you. There are numerous situations in which you require a notary to attend at your place of business,
residence, hospital, court, airport, office, retirement home, financial institution or some other place. No matter the scenario, our “Notary-On-The-Go” can make life easy for you and attend where necessary in the GTA.

Kindly email us at or contact us at 416-840-6943 for a quote and to make your appointment.

Mobile Notary Price

Our attendance fee for a mobile notarization is $50 within the GTA, $80 outside the GTA, plus the cost of notarization/commissioning and  taxes. Kindly note that the attendance fee is still applicable should the notarization not occur for reasons beyond our control. For example, if the signing party is unable to sign documents.

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Tips for
“Notary On The Go” for Business Visits:

 We provide notary services to many businesses in the GTA. Weekly visits can be scheduled, and it is helpful for the business to have all necessary documents prepared that need to be notarized for that week. We also provide online notary services should an in person visit not be required.

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Tips for
“Notary On The Go”
for Hospital Visits:

We fully understand the sensitive nature of having document signed by loved ones that are in hospitals and nursing homes. We are often called upon to notarize wills, powers of attorney quick claim deeds and other documents in these locations. We will work around visiting our schedules and other restrictions in order to make this process as simple, easy and stress less as possible. Before we arrive kindly:

  • Wake the signor up at least an hour before appointment.
  • Is the signer drugged? Kindly make sure they understand the notarization of the documents.
  • Can the signer sign their name? Have a family member test them out before the appointment. If not, please have 2 “disinterested” witnesses available.
  • Ensure to have a copy of the signor’s ID available.
  • Please confirm you have the document(s) and that they are filled out completely.