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  1.  – for foreign students under the age of 17 entering Canada to study

The Canadian government requires that children under the age of 17 studying in Canada have an adult appointed as their official custodian. The custodian is legally required to look after the welfare of the child while they are studying in Canada. A copy of the custodian declaration form can be found here!!!

To be a custodian, one must be “a responsible adult, who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, who will take care of and support the minor child. A custodian is optional for minors 17 years of age and older, but an officer can request one on a case by case basis.”

The custodian must send a custodian declaration form accompanied with the child study permit. The form must also be signed by the parents of the child in front of a notary public in their home country. If the form is only signed by one parent, or a guardian, an explanation letter must be provided. Both the form and explanation should be with the child when they travel to Canada.

The first page of the custodian declaration letter should be signed by the custodian in front of a Canadian notary public.

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