1.  – for goods being shipped overseas
Oftentimes, organizations, importers, banks or freight forwarders will request a certificate of origin on goods ready for exportation. The certificate of origin attests that such goods have been wholly obtained, manufactured, processed or produced in a particular country. The certificate usually accompanies your goods across international borders. It is recommended that the certificate be authenticated by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The certificate will contain various details such as the identification of the goods being shipped, the country the goods are being shipped to, the number and frequency of shipments and the value of the goods. The certificate should be sworn in front of a notary public before being authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce. Here are some steps you should follow when completing your Certificate of Origin:
  1. Prepare the certificate of origin in line with the country the goods are destined to. Click here!!! to find the specific certificate of origin applicable.
  2. Before signing the completed certificate of origin, it must be submitted along with proof your company is registered in Canada by email to certification@chamber.ca in order to be approved by the chamber of commerce. It should be noted that the Chamber of Commerce charges $38 for a certificate online and $45 for one in person.
  3. Upon receiving confirmation from the Chamber of Commerce that the paperwork is in order you should then sign the certificate of origin in front of a notary public.
  4. After completion of the notarization of the documents you should then attend 901–55 University Ave., Toronto Ontario M5J 2H7 between 9 AM and 4 PM to authenticate the documents. Alternatively you may send the documents by courier with a prepaid return envelope.

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