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Certified True Copy of Document

On occasion, and for a varied number of reasons, institutions both in Canada and overseas will require you to provide certified true copies of original documents as a requirement of providing you with services. In Canada, a notary public is the professional able to certify your copies documents as a true copy of an original document.

Declaration of Common Law Marital Status

In Canada, common law marital status is defined as two individuals living together for a minimum period of one year in a conjugal relationship. On occasion, various government agencies will require couples to swear that they are in such a relationship. The document used is called a Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union. A copy of the declaration can be found HERE!!! and can be witnessed and sworn before a notary.

Affidavit Certifying Your Identity

Used when applying for new identification Affidavits of identity are used when you need to replace a piece of government issued photo identification.

Notary Record Keeping

Please note that we do not provide legal advice as notaries, even though all of our notaries are lawyers registered with the Law Society of Ontario.

Invitation Letters

Invitation letters are used for a myriad of reasons. Whether it is for a family member to come to your wedding or merely for a vacation..

Vehicle Transfer Applications

vehicle transfer applications are performed in front of a notary public by both the transferor and transferee to ..

Name Change Applications

notarizing documents to facilitate a name change

Document Translation

for documents translated from one language to another

Certificate of Origin documents

for goods being shipped overseas

Minor Travel Authorization Letters

letters to assist for the easy border crossing of children

Online Notarization

available for affidavits and statutory declarations Online notarization services are only available for affidavits and statutory declarations

Custodianship Declarations

for foreign students under the age of 17 entering Canada to study